CursusDeveloping your professional competencies and skills

Being good at your discipline is one thing, but to function well within an organization often requires additional competencies and skills.

This course aims to leverage and deploy your talents and (international) experience in the Dutch labour market. Building on your own academic background and/or professional experience, each session will address specific professional competencies and skills that that can help you to more effectively realise your full potential in a Dutch work environment.

Target audience: Newcomers and neighbourhood residents who want to better understand the particularities of the Dutch labour market, and want to increase their toolbox with specific professional competencies and skills that are relevant for the Dutch labour market.

Participants are expected to have sufficient command of English and actively participate during each session (e.g. exercises, assignments etc.). Participants who have completed the course will receive a certificate. 

Course provider: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Location: Plan Einstein, Joseph Haydnlaan 2a Utrecht, room 2

Start date: 22 March 2024, 9.30-12.00

For more information, please contact:

Session 1: Friday 22 March (9.30-12.00) Introduction to the Dutch labour market’. Content: The Dutch economy is characterized by its strong reliance on the service sector, which require specific competencies and skills on the labour market. Instructors: Dr. Leendert de Bell & Dr. Linda Bakker

Session 2: Friday 29 March (9.30-12.00) ‘Personal Leadership’. Content: Using practices to complete projects within constraints in availability of people, resources, and time. Taking responsibility for own time and effectiveness and delegating effectively to empower others to work independently and make unique contributions. Instructors: Dr. Linda Bakker & Dr. Fatih Aktas

Session 3: Friday 5 April (9.30-12.00) ‘Team diversity’. Content: Engaging tools and strategies to encourage co-operation and work effectively with individuals with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, communicating effectively with others in a variety of professional settings, inspiring new solutions through appreciating and engaging with diverse perspectives. Instructors: Dr. Leendert de Bell & Dr. Fatih Aktas

Session 4: Friday 12 April (9.30-12.00) ‘Digital skills’. Contact: Enabling you to create and share digital content, communicate and collaborate, and solve problems for effective and creative self-fulfillment in life, learning, work, and social activities at large. Instructors: Dr. Fatih Aktas & Floor ten Holder, MSc.

Session 5: Friday 19 April (9.30-12.00) ‘Result Orientation and Project Management’. Content: Being able to gather and interpret relevant information from a range of sources, which help the organisation in making well-motivated and balanced decisions. Making professional plans, acting on them, and monitoring or assessing the results. Instructors: Dr. Linda Bakker & Floor ten Holder, MSc.

Session 6: Friday 26 April (9.30-12.00) ‘Entrepreneurship and Problem-Solving’. Content: Being alert to opportunities to contribute appropriately for improving situations. Applying creativity and innovation practices, such as design thinking, to finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Instructors: Dr. Leendert de Bell & Floor ten Holder MSc.


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