Our Philosophy

Living together, learning together, working together

Plan Einstein offers space for meeting and development. Residents of the AZC and residents from surrounding neighborhoods can follow courses and training, and/or organize activities together. In this way the participants get to know each other better. Living together, learning together, working together. Everyone can participate. Everyone is equal.

Watch the video showing experiences of residents of the AZC and surrounding neighborhoods with the Social Sofa project.


In 2015/2016, Plan Einstein was developed in response to discussions about new reception locations for asylum seekers. For this purpose Utrecht devised an innovative approach to integration of asylum seekers: Plan Einstein. This programme was launched thanks to support from European funds UIA and ERDF from 2016 to 2019.

Space for meeting

Housing was provided for both young people and asylum seekers, including an open meeting space with Syrian coffee and courses for both asylum seekers and local residents.

Building your future

What Plan Einstein aims to do, is to encourage, activate and stimulate newcomers and local residents to take and maintain action. This will give them the confidence that they need to build on their future from Plan Einstein, so that they can once again pick up the threads and manage their lives. In this way asylum seekers and local residents can pull together.

Success of Plan Einstein

Success of the enterpise is determined by the success of all the different parts: living together as good neighbours, inclusive courses and activities for both asylum seekers and local residents and investing from day one. The idea is: we are all world citizens.

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