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Dealing with the Dutch

Dealing with the Dutch is a training program for young adults fresh in the Netherlands to boost your new life here!

Discover Your Business

Practical business training for people who want to discover how to start their own business!

Women Empower: Come together and empower your dreams!

A woman circle to inspire each other, to grow and to connect. Unite to make your next step in life!


Volksuniversiteit Utrecht offers English lessons at all levels. From beginners (A1) to Cambridge Certificate (C2). The focus is on communication as a global citizen. With these skills, you can find your way in today's world.

Developing your professional competencies and skills

Being good at your discipline is one thing, but to function well within an organization often requires additional competencies and skills.

Basic computerlessons

The computer course is aimed at learning basic computer skills and becoming familiar with the computer’s most important functions. The course is very personal and you can always come by to see if you like it.

Next Move Mentor Program: Elevate Your Professional Journey in the Netherlands!

Are you a newcomer in the Netherlands, eager to thrive professionally in your new environment and with no or hardly any work experience in this new environment? The Next Move Program, starting in september 2023, is your key to success!

Build Your Own Future (BYOF) - turning ideas into business or job!

Learn to optimise your ideas and abilities and explore how you can start your own successful business or job in the Build Your Own Future program.

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